Cashew's SimCity Server

Multiplayer SimCity like it's 1996


Server Status: OFFLINE


Don't have a copy or want to play on Windows 10?

Download the following prerequisites:

File Location Size
Interoperability Patch Link 131 Kb
Network Edition Demo Link 3.3 Mb
v1.1 Patch Link 1.97 Mb


  1. Unzip "" to a new folder so it Looks like this
  2. Open the "_setup" folder and copy "update2knet11.exe" and unzip "2knetde" into that folder so it Looks like this
  3. Go back to the new folder and run "_setup.cmd"
  4. Press any key to continue . . .
  5. Press any key to exit . . ."
  6. Run "Play.cmd""
  7. Click "Join Game"


Feel free to reach me at the following places:

Steam * Reddit * Email